Importance of a Community Enterprise

  • A community enterprise can serve as the vehicle for community integration
  • Community integration is essential:
    • Community integrations is as important as good housing. The most beautiful home could be an institution absent opportunity for people with disabilities to have meaningful community activities
    • It enriches the lives of our family members; it is stimulating and addresses their need for human interaction
    • It is a means to skill development and maintenance
    • It is a means to develop essential in-kind and financial support to minimize the impact of funding cuts in the Medicaid program
    • It prevents “Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Luck”
  • When our family members are out of sight of the public, they are out of the public’s mind. When they are out of mind, the public has no understanding and compassion for their needs and that can mean they will be out of luck when it comes to funding of services for our family members.
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