Community Enterprise

  • A community enterprise is a business or community-based program that strengthens the community and provides vocational or social opportunities for people with ID.
  • A food coop is a business-oriented community enterprise. It strengthens the community by providing an opportunity for the public to become involved in a valuable community service.
  • Another proven community enterprise is a program that promotes ties with community churches, to provide a ministry for those churches.
  • A community enterprise is essential:
    • It provides an additional reason for community residents to become involved with their community and simultaneously with people with ID
    • It serves as a vocational or social program for the residents, reducing the cost of adult day programs
    • It promotes community understanding and compassion for people with ID
    • It provides opportunities for revenue, funding and in-kind support, reducing 100% dependence on the Medicaid program.
  • The community enterprise will be managed by Foundation’s board.
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